Bolt meets Quantum

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After reading this i got excited to implement quantum protocols on real hardware but due to time constrains and need of platform i got stuck . But BOLT IOT solved both ,let use see:

Busy readers take note in few minutes , you will be acquainted with knowledge to run your code on above machine which is operating at 4 K and your message will be unhackable or quantum secured . Super Cool!


Gate of a Superconducting Quantum Computer

Quantum Computers are not far from our daily lives. Today or tommorow we all using one or other form(Why?). Quantum computers not only exploit Quantum Mechanics (Superposition and Entanglement) but also an answer to rusting Moore ‘s Law.

Quantum Computers exploit quantum mechanics but we can’t expect normal users to learn dirac notation first.Quantum protocols which are inherently unhackable(Non-cloning theorem) should be made user friendly.

Superdense Coding

Superdense Coding is one of the famous quantum protocol .In few minutes you will be implementing it.

I already said you need not to learn Quantum Mechanics to understand things(you can visit caption link).

Basically we have 3 person , Charlie , Alice ,Bob. Now , alice wants to talk to bob. She wants secure channel . Thanks to its newly read blog on unhackable internet .She decided you use that .She went to charlie (a physicist ) about it . He told her about Quantum Channels .But like you she does not understand it .Charlie used 2 LEDS to make her understand it .

Let us see How?

1)Step1: Entanglement Qubits

2)Step2: Encoding the message

3) Step3:Measuring the Qubits

4) Step4: Decoding the message

I am skipping 1) and 3) steps as they involve knowledge of Quantum Mechanics and qiskit. For more advanced reader please check my repo (at the end)

Things used in the project:


1) LEDS(2)

2)330 ohm Ressistors(2)

3)Breadboard and 3 male-male jumpers

4)BOLT IOT module


1)boltiot 1.11.2

2)qiskit 0.36.1

3)matplotlib and their dependencies

4)Python version=3.9.7

Do connections as shown in the image:

circuit photo


Encoding Message: As you all know Computers only understand binaries or 1,0s. We will also encode our message in binary.

I have used digital electronics convention. Pin=1 as most significant bit (msb) and Pin= 0 least significant bit(lsb). You can your too.

Now we represent 2-bit (msg) using LEDs. LED is ON means “1” otherwise “0”.

gist link:

Hey! you encoded the message.


gist link:

Now Alice transmitted the encoded message. It is turn of Bob

Bob will also follow same procedure:

Note that : I have used received_ message as due to noise alice message may change .


Congratulation! You have implemented Superdense Coding Protocol using BOLT. I have used one BOLT Device both reciving and transmission . I highly recommend you to use 2 devices and learn qiskit for implementing it and getting real feel.

For complete code please see